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HANA Memory Optimization

The ability to harness big data is becoming the next big challenge for the business world. Access to information can make or break a company and with many aspects of business going digital, the ability and desire to collect and analyze more data has many enterprises seeking out the fastest way to get information.

SAP has made major strides in accessing and analyzing big data since the introduction of in-memory data platform SAP HANA in June 2011. In its first year of limited availability, the new solution brought in $200 million in revenue, while in the hands of 64,000 end users and 354 customers.

As a leading SAP service provider, GROM understands the demand for immediate access to business critical information to help support company decision making. This need coupled with the speed and complexity of today's enterprise data growth volumes, has left many companies struggling to keep pace.

The details behind SAP HANA

Touted by SAP as the "company's most important new product of all time," SAP HANA has already helped the business software provider post record sales numbers. By partnering with GROM, companies take advantage of the latest innovation in business intelligence.

SAP HANA is designed to quickly replicate and ingest structured data from SAP and non-SAP relational databases, applications and other systems. HANA creates a nearly real-time experience for those accessing its analytical and transactional applications. Its unique RAM data-storage approach enables this speed by responding to various source systems with one of three distinct styles of data replication.

Since its release, SAP HANA has integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, cloud storage and computing systems, social media and mobile applications. All of these options make SAP HANA an integral tool for companies that need to be able to access business critical information from the field or in the office.

Realizing how SAP HANA can help your business

Whether it's analyzing the latest sales numbers, processing customer reward programs or giving NBA fans real-time statistical updates and comparisons, SAP HANA can be adapted by a number of verticals.

Using SAP HANA, companies can analyze new and varied sources of multi-structured data types  to make smarter, more insightful decisions across large volumes of businesses data. Users can also react faster to changing business demands with real-time analysis and operational data reporting. HANA’s ability to streamline IT architectures promises to reduce overhead without disrupting an existing landscape.

By working in-memory, the database operates fast while transactions are being recorded. It can handle traditional, organized data or unorganized information found in other documents and can scale without performance problems.

Why GROM is the best choice for SAP HANA deployment

As more businesses consider an SAP HANA implementation, SAP consultant GROM is positioned to deliver on its comprehensive understanding of the ways the in-memory platform can benefit an enterprise. By partnering with GROM, your company will receive the expertise of a trusted provider, while implementing a revolutionary business solution.

GROM holds over 25 years of experience working with the leading business software solution provider, granting us a unique understanding of SAP solutions and the best ways to implement them into your company's infrastructure. Our experience with SAP systems can ensure that your company receives a complete solution.

SAP HANA is a new technology for the business world, and as such, there is a higher potential for misuse or misunderstanding. As more than a one-time SAP global partner for IT deployment and training, GROM offers valued information and guidance to clients over the long-term, keeping you on the cutting edge of business solutions.