SAP Solutions

Business Intelligence

 With the power of business intelligence, corporations can gain the visibility into their operations needed to improve and optimize performance. Applying important business data to projections, forecasting and analysis helps executives visualize strengths and weaknesses and make the appropriate changes required to ensure productivity and profitability.

SAP business intelligence applications have long been the reliable products of choice for corporations looking to identify and maximize critical business data, but not all are ready to make the most of these capabilities.

At GROM, we help enterprise clients get more out of their SAP business intelligence applications. By defining stronger enterprise data management procedures and delivering better business intelligence results, GROM is able to position companies for better use of their SAP enterprise applications and greater control over their enterprise resource planning initiatives.

Strengthening enterprise data management to support better decision making

Raw data is often at the heart of any business intelligence initiative, since the ultimate goal is to pull valuable perspective - both historical and forward-looking - from this information. However, without the most comprehensive or accurate data, many corporations find their ability to make better business decisions limited.

At GROM, we step in to analyze a corporation's existing SAP enterprise data management framework and its use of SAP business intelligence applications to determine if the data they are collecting is the most suitable for their needs. Poor data management, after all, can not only have severe and immediate implications on a business's productivity and bottom line, but also hamper executives' ability to project and model for the future.

We understand the best ways to maximize data for a business intelligence strategy, and our evaluation can help identify if the information you are collecting is as valuable as you need it to be.

Producing results through a collaborative approach to business intelligence

Once we are able to identify weak points or struggles in a client's existing business intelligence framework, GROM can help develop a solution that will empower executives with quality data and better strategies.

Having guided clients in the past towards a successful implementation of new business intelligence processes and models, GROM has the experience these corporations need. At the same time, our solutions are flexible, encouraging collaboration with our clients so that we can adapt our methodology to each clients' unique requirements.

Armed with a clearly defined and mapped project plan - which builds clear and reasonable expectations for our clients - we offer corporations a guided strategy toward meeting their business intelligence goals. As a result, executives are able to improve cost-efficiency, forecasting capabilities and businesses productivity.

Relying on GROM as a leading SAP consulting firm

GROM is a top global SAP partner that has aided corporations of various sizes with their enterprise resource planning needs. With our in-depth understanding of SAP ERP solutions and our distinctive approach to enterprise data management and business intelligence strategies, our expertise can be the difference for companies that need cost-effective business solutions.

We have helped clients reduce inefficiencies through stronger enterprise data management, restructure and streamline partnerships within the supply chain and maximize their return-on-investment after implementing SAP business intelligence solutions. Our ongoing support has also helped clients revisit their business strategies and update them accordingly to suit new requirements and demands.

Rely on our expertise - backed by a certification in the AcceleratedSAP methodology and cultivated with years of successful implementations - to guide your corporation to the most effective and appropriate SAP business solutions for its needs.