The healthcare industry was once notorious for the glacial pace of its technology adoption, but federal mandates in recent years have changed that in a very big way. In the aftermath of one of the largest healthcare insurance expansions in history, payers and providers today are looking for ways to build on the groundwork they have laid with significant investments in electronic health records (EHRs) management, analytics, and mobility.

GROM’s healthcare customers have many challenges. To mention just a few, they must comply with government demands in the forms of Meaningful Use and system interoperability. Also, older clientele are living longer, a good thing by most measures. But the business reality is that they are also driving healthcare costs at rates that in some parts of the country actually exceed the cost of living. What’s more, their younger clientele are driving demand for “right here, right now” information demands without compromising privacy. Additionally, payers and providers are tussling amongst themselves about the “who’s” and the “how’s”— if not the “if’s” — of transitioning from a fee-for-service approach to outcome-based payment models.

GROM Associates is in the business of helping payers and providers leverage the most value out of their technology platforms. Whether it is solutions to elegantly move data in and out of aging, disparate legacy systems; patient-centric mobile solutions to address demands for transparency and personalization; or analytics capabilities that can deliver better assumptions about patient outcomes, let GROM’s professionals prove what a powerful asset we can be.

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