World’s largest ceramic manufacturer deploys SAP ERP solutions

Posted in Enterprise Resource Planning by Jeff Clark, James Pearce, and Scott Kenney

The largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in the world recently partnered with SAP to develop an ERP solution

Global competition on the corporate level is becoming fiercer than ever. And with such a saturated marketplace in which savvy customers are empowered to choose the service that suits their needs best, it is those companies that can embrace technological innovation and use it as a platform to optimize internal efficiencies and provide customers with a superior product or service that succeed.

Understanding this paradigm, it was recently announced that the United Arab Emirates-based company RAK Ceramics –  the largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles in the world – developed a multi-tiered project with SAP to implement a series of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products.

According to an article published by business news source Trade Arabia, the ERP solutions will first be deployed in the company's UAE locations before implementing the software in international locations.

The article states that making the transition to the simplicity of SAP ERP solutions will enhance the company's ability to reduce production costs, make happier customers and maximize employee management amongst many other expressed goals.

"Teaming up with SAP feeds into our unceasing mission of continually surpassing the expectations of our customers, dealers and partners," said RAK Ceramics representative, Khaled Abdulla Yousef. "Embracing cutting-edge IT solutions from SAP is a major step in making RAK Ceramics run better, improving end-to-end process integration and harmonization, and driving sustainable business growth."

By partnering with another company that is a leader in their field, this collaboration illustrates the value major global businesses are placing on the streamlined processes afforded through SAP technology.

Other companies looking to enjoy these benefits should consider consulting with an SAP enterprise data management partner to design an ERP program tailored to the specific needs of individual business goals. 

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