How SAP HANA is putting the focus on real-time analytics

Posted in Enterprise Data Management by Jeff Clark

HANA can help shift a business' focus to real-time analytics

Antiquated data management systems were characterized by a significant lack of efficiency. While analytics were equally as important in prior years as they are today, businesses were forced to deploy pre-configured dashboards that were rather rigid without the flexibility needed to leverage real-time information.

This meant that it took a longer time in order to develop custom reports, oftentimes meaning that collected data was not as relevant when the reports became available, leading to a diminished ability to make the best business decisions possible. Furthermore, by having to use information that was potentially outdated, it was incredibly difficult for enterprises to develop predictive analytics for competitive edge in the marketplace.

However, with the lighting-fast analytical processes afforded through next-level technology such as SAP HANA, these inconveniences no longer need to apply. While a question posed before the integration of this technology may have required a significant lag before an answer was available, HANA uses in-memory technology to generate precise answers to newly articulated inquiries.

And with the ability to generate deep insight into activity unfolding in real time, enterprises can execute interactive analyses, simulations and pattern recognition to provide officials with all the tools necessary to develop strategic plans not only right now, but in the future.

According to Tom Greene, the CIO of Colgate Palmolive Company: "Prior to SAP HANA we were unable to run full analytics in a reasonable time frame. With SAP HANA we will be able to run analytics at a local level on specific brands and locations, and at the lowest level of detail in real time."

Considering these innovative affordances, companies looking to streamline their data management and analysis productivity can do so by turning to an SAP global services partner. By providing not only consultation but also valuable change management and staff augmentation services, these professionals are an optimal resource to prepare an enterprise for a transition to a new technical infrastructure. 

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