Deploying an SAP consulting firm for training and staff augmentation

Posted in Staff Augmentation by GROM Associates

An SAP consulting firm can be sure that a client has all the resources needed for successful product implementation and use

SAP offers many products that help make tedious business processes much more manageable. For example, SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) uses in-memory analytics – a process that shortens response times by querying data located in a computer's random access memory – to effectively process and compartmentalize large, complex data sets inflowing at high speeds in real-time.

While the proper use of SAP HANA software will likely enable employees to utilize data unfolding in the market for competitive advantage and consequently maximize ROI, a recent article published by SearchSAP suggests that proper deployment requires a knowledgeable IT staff to maintain the software after implementation.

As SAP analyst Jon Reed stated in the article, "One of the downsides to new products is if people don't have requisite skills maintaining, optimizing [and] customizing, you become dependent on your vendor and consulting partners. Every time you have a problem, do you want to get IBM on the phone? Probably not. You'd like to handle that internally."  

As such, it would greatly benefit companies interested in SAP Hana to partner with an SAP consulting firm that can supply staff training and staff augmentation. By utilizing these professionals, in-house staff can enjoy thorough training regarding the best practices for using the software, allowing the company to reap the most benefit from their technological investments.

Moreover, if a company's in-house staff is not equipped to handle the task of managing the SAP software, a consulting firm can provide senior-level experts with veteran experience to maintain and troubleshoot the technology on a short or long term.

Considering such, a certified consulting firm will be a valuable factor in empowering a company's success with all the resources needed for successful product implementation and maintenance.


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